In 2020, Wrongful death auto accident.

Seven figure policy limit settlement.

Severe leg injury due to an automobile accident

Multi-Million Dollar Result.

In 2018, I successfully settled three 7 figure automobile accident cases.

Multi-Million Dollar Result.

Rollover/Tire Tread Failure – Wrongful Death

1.4 Million Dollar Result.

DUI Defendant – Wrongful Death

Received and collected well in excess of the insurance coverage policy limit. Confidential Settlement.

Development of Post Traumatic Parkinson’s – Auto Accident

$850,000 Result.

Boat Versus Jet Ski Accident

Confidential Settlement.

Motorcycle accident

2 Million Dollar Result.

Automobile Accident – Wrongful Death

Obtained uninsured motorist coverage when none existed due to an insurance error.

Decapitation of a Passenger – Wrongful Death

Confidential Settlement.

Defective Chair causing paralysis

Confidential Settlement.

Dog Bite Case

$300,000 Insurance Policy Limit Settlement.